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In this study, we talk about working with WordPress to build a recruitment website for our client Pursuit Resources Group.

Their new wordpress recruitment website had to bring their digital identity up to date. Together we chose wordpress for ease of use, extensibility and cost. However there were two prerequisites within the specification which help both visitors get the consistent information they need and Pursuit get a website which fits directly into their existing processes without adding to their existing workflow.

Read on to find out how we built their wordpress recruitment website to work for them and how you can too.

WordPress Broadbean Website Integration

Visitors to the website get a seemless experience if they view any of Pursuit’s varied recruitment adverts across multiple job boards. They use Broadbean to manage all their current job opportunities, Broadbean posts these opportunities to whichever job boards Pursuit want to post them to.

We configured their WordPress recruitment website to work in exactly the same way as any of other job boards they want to post to. When they post a new job into the broadbean platform, the job is automatically fed to their own website. All information is updated with no need to duplicate any work to get things setup in the same way across multiple platforms.

That’s not all the connector does, with a unique applications API, all applications are tracked directly back to the Broadbean system. This eliminates any duplicate applicants by merging the information candidates might have submitted from various jobs boards. Most importantly, it filters all applicants from all potential application channels into one location.

Aspire Front Office Recruitment Software Website Integration

I mentioned their was two integrations which enable the website to perform well for users and the company itself. From the outset, it was clear a simple registration for all applicants to complete their profile and requirements wasn’t all we could achieve.

We worked with Aspire to connect the website directly the CRM software Pursuit Resources Group use everyday to input candidate information.

All potential candidates are now directed to the registration form to best outline their requirements, information, terms and conditions acceptance and consent. The data is fed directly to their instance of the Aspire software on their network. An import check is implemented to vet the data before it enters the system automatically.

The connector saves ample office hours and potential errors in data input and ongoing management.

Recruitment News, Events, Blogging and more…

With the more technical aspects described above, we also implemented some very rudimentary features native in their WordPress backend which further allows the Pursuit Group team to save time but continue to add quality to their content.


We setup an events calendar feature which makes it straightforward for Pursuit Group to mange their programme of seminars, attendees and communications.


A standout feature of wordpress, the platform allows the team to post articles which feature a varied mis of news and content related to current recruitment, HR or information related to their events. While the time goes into the content itself and SEO, WordPress makes it easier to link the content to the rest the website and related articles.

Fire and forget

We continually hear over the last number of years comments in two directions when it comes to deciding whether WordPress is right for your website. The caveats we hear most often are security and maintainability.

To us, it still remains a valid option for small to medium sized businesses. If you have a medium sized recruitment business you can certainly build a effective website with WordPress, get all the features you need, customize a website to suit you and keep it maintained for very little in ongoing development costs.

In this case, the website has been running for nearly two years, we’ve only had to step in to make basic updates to the plugins the website runs with. We carefully selected plugins we knew would be well maintained. The custom code we implemented in various parts hasn’t needed to be touched at all.

If you’d like to find out more about working with WordPress for your recruitment agency website, why not get in touch or leave a comment below?

If you’ve used WordPress for your own job board project, for better or for worse, leave a comment below. We’d love to see where you’ve found the pros and cons.

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