WordPress eCommerce Web Design Hertfordshire

As a WordPress eCommerce website design agency based in Hertfordshire, we provide clients from the UK and overseas the design and technical development to bring their eCommerce WordPress website design to life or to bring it to the next level.

We have a detailed process for building WordPress eCommerce sites which involves SEO, UI best practice and responsive first design. Our knowledge of WordPress and the most widely used eCommerce plugin WooCommerce enables us to customise bespoke WordPress eCommmerce to the highest level.

WordPress eCommerce Website Design

If your business needs an online shop to list a small range of products or your inventory has thousands of complex categories and extensive product information, we have you covered. Our team’s work on large complex product data sets enables us to build bespoke import/export tools to integrate your website, stock, orders and customer data with almost all other CRM systems.

When it comes to payment processing, no problem! We have experience working with all major payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Sage or GoCardless, along with many other API-based integrations.

WordPress eCommerce Booking systems

If your business takes bookings, WordPress can be an ideal starting point to take online bookings and payments. Our experience working with venues, sports facilities and service-based businesses has meant we’ve had the chance to build WordPress eCommerce booking sites for a number of purposes. Some have simple requirements to be booked, like a set number of engineers’ timings and opening hours – others have a more complex matrix of services, resources and add-on products which can all feed into a complete booking.

Oh, we often link all bookings to company and staff CRM systems, iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar to make managing bookings easy and most importantly live and up to date.

WordPress Configurators and Quoting Systems

If your business won’t be selling things online but you need to provide your customers with an easy-to-use view of your stock, product information or product options, WordPress eCommerce can still provide a good platform to start. We remove the basket functionality and replace it with a simple data capture and convert new orders into email and PDF quotes for a customer to refer back to or a sales team to act on.

It’s not just simple product and category-based quoting systems which are possible to build with WordPress eCommerce, we also design and build complex configurators in WordPress which are easy to maintain and update as your lead generation grows. It’s often a great way to build a beautiful frontend without the overhead of complex backend infrastructure and integration which more complex applications entail.

How do we approach each WordPress eCommerce project?

Wordress eCommerce Website Maintenance

Generally, you hope you don’t need it, but so often we’ve been called on to fix existing issues or more technical problems with existing WordPress eCommerce projects which aren’t live and websites which are online already. From small businesses to large agencies, our development expertise offers flexible, knowledgeable advice, support and technical development to find and fix issues quickly. Or, build simple changes or complex features for existing websites.

Thankfully on any websites we’ve built or maintain, but we’ve also stepped in to resolve issues on WordPress eCommerce websites which have been hampered by malicious code or database injection. If your website has technical problems, frontend or backend, technical or search performance, get in touch.