Reapit Integration

Reapit is an intuitive CRM and client accounting software for estate agents that can be integrated with ready-to-install apps and provides full customisation. The apps can easily integrate into your current workflow, which means you can find any powerful CRM solution that fits your business perfectly.

Integration through the Reapit API

JAS Digital uses Reapit integration to help clients create the perfect marketing campaigns to win new business, saving them time and money. We use bespoke integrations with the Reapit API and foundations apps to provide you with real-time reports and business insight, which means that you can see every tiny detail in depth. Customer data is available across all areas of your business to allow you to deliver personalised customer experiences. Everything you need can be all in one place or most importantly where you need when you need it.

The Reapit API allows developers to integrate a variety of real estate-related functionality into their applications, including property search and listing, customer management, and workflow management. Some examples of integration that can be built with the Reapit API include:

  • Property search and listing functionality, allowing users to search for properties, view property details, and save their favorite listings
  • Customer management functionality, allowing users to view and update customer information, as well as create and manage property alerts and enquiries
  • Workflow management functionality, allowing users to manage tasks and appointments related to properties, such as property viewings, valuations, and offers
  • Integrate with your CRM, Website, Business Intelligence or Marketing Automation Platform

Bespoke apps for the Reapit Foundations platform

As well as Reapit data integration, we build Reapit Foundations apps that are both powerful and in-demand. Once the app has been completed, it can then be published onto the Reapit AppMarket, where you can gain access to Reapit’s customer base, allowing your business to reach its target audience. 

The Reapit Foundations Developer Portal allows for a wide range of customisation and the ability to expand your CRM software by either developing your own bespoke apps or installing existing apps from the AppMarket to integrate.

It can feel daunting when wanting to integrate with Reapit or build a Foundation app as there are so many options to choose from. JAS Digital are experienced with Reapit and will offer the best solution for your business.

Work with us

> Integrate with Reapit

> Fix or improve your Reapit Foundation app

Reapit Integration Maintenance and Support

We provide non-stop support and maintenance to your Reapit Foundations app, as well as when integrating with Reapit. We will take care of any bugs or issues that might occur and fix them as quickly as possible. We will ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times.

Contact us today about Reapit integration or building a Reapit Foundations app to see how we can help your business.