PHP Development

At JAS Digital, we offer PHP development service that delivers a high functioning, tailored custom PHP development solution for your business that puts you ahead of your competitors. Custom PHP development is an incredibly popular way to create web applications, APIs and complete data integration because of its flexibility and simplicity. It’s excellent for both professional enterprise solutions as well as SMEs and start-ups.

Why custom PHP development?

PHP is so flexible and simple to adapt and start projects in, your custom PHP development project can easily get up to speed with one of the lowest cost to entry and high performance of any of the mainstream programming languages. Our professional PHP development service can easily specify and utilise the many advanced features of PHP and are able to create custom PHP to create stunning, innovative apps and websites with ease. Continuing with the flexibility of custom PHP development, code can be used across all major browsers and run on almost any server type, which means that cross-platform apps can be made easily with PHP at its core.

How can PHP development benefit my project?

Another benefit of custom PHP development is that the time it takes to get your app from specification to minium viable product can be dramatically reduced due to re-usable components and frameworks managed on the commandline line by high livel package managers like Composer or Node Package Manager. Using PHP components in our projects, means it’s much less time-consuming and you don’t spend time and money redevelopment features and functions which are readily available.

What can a PHP development service offer?

Custom PHP development can also be highly scalable. If your business is relatively small and you only require a small website with a few pages but are worried that you may need to expand your website in the future, fear not. With our PHP development service, you can easily take a tiny website and turn it into a massive one with thousands of pages or advanced features. Our developers have done just that to highly adapt customer websites to integration with dynamic systems across their digital infrastructure or to offer advanced customer facing eCommerce or Software as a Service functionality.

We are based in Bishop’s Stortford Hertfordshire and Chelmsford, Essex. Ideally located betweeen many major hubs in both areas and within easy commute from London and Cambirdge. We offer custom PHP development services to businesses that want to enhance their business performance, deliver more leads to their team, gerenate more sales online and offline or to give their customer advanced digital means to interact with their business. We build creative, cutting edge PHP based web apps that give users the perfect experience and deliver results for the client.

If you’re looking for more advanced infrastructure with PHP as a backbone, just ask. We’ve used custom PHP at the core of many high traffic and advanced applications, APIs and hybrid mobile apps.