Marketing automation uses technology and software to create applications that automate marketing efforts, including email marketing, ad campaigns, mobile messaging, social media marketing, tracking, and more. Marketing automation enables your business to market on multiple channels, automate tasks, manage data in a more effective and compliant way and deliver more relevant marketing and information about your products or services to your customers.

How can marketing automation help my business? 


It allows you to use automation tools to track and use customer data to enhance the lifecycle and touchpoints each customer has with you. Every customer has different preferences, behaviours, purchases and many more unique characteristics which you can use to be more effective at informing them about your business in order to generate a deeper relationship and increased lifetime value.


The right message at the right time can be delivered to the right person with marketing automation designed to enrich the customer experience. It can also show to your customers you’re responsible with their data and privacy throughout every. Customising experiences for your customers gives them that warm feeling inside, like something hand crafted with a message just for them. It increases their trust and loyalty to your brand. Customers are more likely to buy from businesses that offer them relevant, personal experiences.


According to SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers only engage with personalised messaging, and according to Smart Insights, 63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalisation tactics.

What marketing automation do we provide?



  • Email, SMS, Live Chat


  • Custom app integrations for better email, SMS

Data integration

  • Bespoke integrations for:
    • CRM
    • Reapit
    • Sage
    • Quickbooks
    • XERO
    • Google Calendar
    • Dealerweb
    • Autoline


We provide marketing automation for email marketing, SMS, and Live Chat using Dotdigital to expand your marketing channels. We also use Twilio SendGrid for pre-integrated channels to reach your audience on the channels they prefer. 


We use many tools that can integrate with marketing automation tools, such as CRM, Reapit, Sage, QuickBooks, XERO, Google Calendar, Dealerweb, Autoline. Integration is crucial because it allows the marketing and sales teams to come together and develop strategies that aren’t conflicting as CRM tools integrated with marketing automation identifies which leads are worth chasing and more likely to buy. For example, marketing automation can assemble leads and convert them to a profile where CRM software can manage interactions with the leads.  


JAS Digital can help with you marketing automation requirements.