Dotdigital is a great omnichannel marketing automation platform for marketing campaigns that engage and convert users. Dotdigital provides personalisation tools that can be used to help draw audiences into your business. At JAS Digital, we use Dotdigital to help businesses with email marketing.


Dotdigital is simple to use, has a user-friendly interface and focuses on user experience. It has several great features that will take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. As well as sending one-off personalised emails to specific users, you can trigger emails based on the back of customers’ actions. You can also use A/B testing, which allows you to send one variation of your campaign to one section of your subscribers and a different variation to another section of your subscribers, to find out which campaign gains the best results ultimately.


Dotdigital’s intuitive automation tools are handy for engaging with your customers and delivering unique customer experiences. Automation can show you what’s working for each customer to allow you to tweak your campaigns to each individual. Dotdigital’s marketing automation is great for re-engagement campaigns too, where you can find customers who have shopped with you to win them back.


We will work with you to define your email marketing strategy that creates engaging interactions. We will support you throughout the process to ensure that you achieve your strategy and successfully deliver it.