Connect your website and software to CRM systems, Analytics, APIs and more…

We build API’s to make data accessible, enrich existing data with third-party API’s or integrate data to deliver accessibility for content, marketing, sales and business intelligence.

Data has the potential to be most powerful tool at the disposal of your business. Every action that our customers take on our platforms can be used to make informed decisions and influence our strategic approach. Harnessing the power of data effectively can take your business to the next level.

At JAS digital,  we have the tools to help your brand to take advantage of your data. We have created powerful websites with CRM integration. Effectively streamlining your business practices and helping you to target customers effectively.

We have extensive experience in building and developing APIs that allow your systems to communicate with each other and take advantage of your data.

CRM integration

CRM integration can be a valuable asset for any business. Normally a CRM system shows a single customer view of their past interactions with the business and how they have interacted with the business.

An integrated CRM system saves time and allows all areas of the organisation to easily access the information for one customer. This is essential for devising the ideal business strategy, as you can personalise your offering based on how your customers interact with your brand.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to track the full customer journey and truly maximise the data you are receiving.

API Development

An application programming interface (API) is a set of instructions that allow two or more pieces of software to talk with each other. We come across APIs every day when surfing the web and they can be powerful tools to improve your digital strategy.

Past projects we have undertaken include product configurator, customer data and CRM API’s


Understanding and analysing your website data correctly is vital to implementing an effective business strategy. Integrating programs like Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI are key for informing sound business intelligence. We can provide expert aid on the areas where your business is succeeding and where it is falling short.

We can also develop custom data hubs and dashboards for on-demand analytics to streamline your business process.