We are data engineers who build pipelines, integrations, APIs and connectors that allow data to be available to your systems and software. Our work as data engineers empowers end users to extract data, perform data analysis or simply perform their role within a business in a seamless and connected way. With the right data at their fingertips. 


As data engineers, we ensure that all data is integrated and structured so that it is readable and accessible wherever you need it. In analytics applications, CRM, EPOS, ERP, MRP, eCommerce and many more types of applications for business.


The work we carry out is often vital in ensuring businesses’ data can is extracted, optimised and brought together exactly where it’s required. Our data engineering often becomes crucial in the workflow of almost any business, from eCommerce fulfilment, customer service, sales smart manufacturing.

How can data engineering by JAS Digital help your business?

  • Integrate systems and software
  • Reduce manual input and errors
  • Synchronise inventory and accounts
  • Manage customer data
  • Enable and empower marketing automation
  • Deliver real-time and enhanced reporting and business intelligence 


Data engineering allows us to extract and manage your data and integrate it into systems and software using APIs.


Our data engineers use automation, meaning that manual data entry is reduced. Automation means that human delays and errors are greater reduced too. Data engineers will reduce manual processes from your data pipeline, which can free up your business teams and allow them to strategise confidently. You won’t have to guess.


Data can be synchronised automatically in real-time across your inventory and different accounts, which is very important for eCommerce websites selling on multiple platforms as they won’t have to update their data to keep track of sales manually. Data synchronisation will save your business time and become more efficient.