Mobile App Development Hertfordshire

We’re an app development agency based in Hertfordshire who specialize in building mobile apps. Our location is ideal for collaboration with local business on the Herts and Essex border, but a real benefit is we’re easily accessible from London, the North and across Europe, New York and Dubai with Stansted Airport right on our doorstep. We often travel or have clients visit us to review and complete their projects face to face either here, abroad or at their offices in Hertfordshire too.

How can you start your next app development project?

If you’re a business close to us in the Hertfordshire area, we’d love for you to speak to us about your mobile app project. We offer the latest technology to build your app in an agile way so you can be sure it stands up to the rigours of user expectation and future development requirements. There’s a number of methodologies we adopt to ensure your project gets off the ground with the start it needs. Whether you’re new to mobile app development or this isn’t your first mobile app, feel free to get in touch to discuss your project requirements, we offer help to all manner of projects at varying stages. From first conception and general information to planning full backend, digital infrastrcture, frontend build to launching your app in the mobile app stores you want to deliver your mobile app to.

App development in Hertfordshire doesn’t have to be difficult

Our apps are what we call hybrid apps, we use the latest javascript technologies like React and Vue to build awesome frontend applications which can run on any device. This allows us to build apps which typically work in the same way across Android and iOS, even as a web application or desktop version. It allows us to maintain the codebase easily from one repository.

In short, one app which has the capability to run on all devices, there’s far less development time and cost involved in you getting your app onto more devices, while the overall experience of using your app is not impacted at all. In fact with our hybrid apps you can ship cross-platform mobile apps 10x faster.

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How do we approach our mobile app projects?

Here’s some of the awesome mobile apps we’ve created…